Improving immunization coverage and equity - technical resources

This repository of key guidance, selected from the TechNet-21 Knowledge Hub, can be used by national immunization program staff and partners for improving coverage and equity of immunization services. Search by keyword or browse by topic, question, or IRMMA Framework for Zero Dose.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This database compiles technical resources (tools, technical guidance, information documents and databases) of relevance for improving coverage and equity of immunization services. Intended users of the database include managers of national immunization programs and EPI & PHC technical advisers and partners.
This database has been designed to guide your search of available resources in three different ways.

  • Browse by topic : 6 main categories with several sub-categories.
  • Browse by question
  • Browse by the IRMMA Framework for Zero Dose.
Each of the search options allows you to compare the different resources by summary, purpose, strengths and limitations.
Please note that some resources are placed under multiple categories. But for the IRMMA framework, we have minimized the use of multiple classifications to help maintain a more targeted list of resources.