This is the presentation of the fifth session of the 'Learning Collective Initiative’ in Covid 19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership (CoVDP) webinar series.

The health needs of children and adolescents in humanitarian emergencies are critical to the success of relief efforts and reduction in mortality. Measles has been one of the major causes of child deaths in humanitarian emergencies and further...

Fragile states are home to a sixth of the world\'s population, and their populations are particularly vulnerable to infectious disease outbreaks. Timely surveillance and control are essential to minimise the impact of these outbreaks, but little...

This guide outlines advocacy activities to build human, financial and political support for the Polio Eradication Initiative as a platform for strengthening preventive health services. It outlines four basic steps that are essential for an effective...

Vaccination coverage survey - Publication abstract: Estimates of measles vaccination coverage in the Sudan vary on average by 23 percentage points, depending on whether or not information supplied by mothers who have lost their children\'s...

Tuberculosis remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Bacille Calmette Guerin (BCG) is the current vaccine for tuberculosis. The absence or presence of a scar is used as an indicator of previous vaccination.

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Stemming the Tide of Counterfeit Proof of Vaccination

January 08th 2019

Recent reports [1] of counterfeit yellow fever vaccination certificates in Zambia follow reports of falsified proof of vaccination documents being used in other countries, including Ethiopia [2], I

  • Country: Zimbabwe Zambia Uganda Sudan South Africa Pakistan Nigeria Niger India Ghana Ethiopia
  • Disease: Yellow fever Ebola Polio
  • Data quality Home-based records
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    Successful completion of the International workshop on Ensuring Product Quality in PSM (April 2018)

    June 01st 2018

    Dear Colleagues, The agenda of the ‘International Workshop in Ensuring Product Quality in Procurement and Supply Chain Management’ was to present face-to-face opportunity to the partici

  • Country: Sudan
  • Vaccine management HR Communications Training Procurement
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    Editorial from EPI Monthly Feedback Bulletin from AFRO East and South (August-October 2017): The use of innovations (ODK) supporting country level Integrated Supportive Supervision real time documentation.

    November 13th 2017

    As part of the WHO African region efforts to improve immunization and surveillance performances in terms of quality, effectiveness, efficiency, coverage and equity and in order to strengthen the ca

  • Organisation: WHO
  • Country: Zimbabwe Zambia Uganda Swaziland Sudan South Sudan South Africa Seychelles Namibia Malawi Madagascar Lesotho Kenya Ethiopia Eritrea Botswana
  • Disease: Measles Cholera Polio HIB
  • Disease surveillance Coverage monitoring GIS
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    Low cost passive imunization against rabies

    February 05th 2016

  • Country: Sudan
  • Disease: Rabies HIB
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    NEW - People that Deliver Newsflash No. 16 is online!

    July 13th 2015

    We are pleased to share the new PtD Newsflash no. 16 with our colleagues. In this issue of the PtD Newsflash, read more about the: [list] [*] Webinar for the LAC region on systematic approa

  • Organisation: People that Deliver (PtD)
  • Country: Sudan Malawi Denmark
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    Vacancy: Vaccination operations focal point, MSF-USA

    September 02nd 2014

    http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/work-us/work-office/office-employment The NY office of MSF-USA is seeking a full time operational liaison to advance progress on vaccination in target countries

  • Organisation: MSF
  • Country: Sudan South Sudan Chad
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